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Jeremiah Ibrahim has to say about the G sycle.

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Anytime Fitness member comments and testimonials:

Pam D.
"About the G sycle — got it with ease, felt more of a workout on this machine than I did spending an hour at the gym." 
Peter R.
"Really felt it in my legs"
Maria S.
"The G sycle is a hardcore machine that makes your heart pump right away, I loved it!"
Maria V.
"Felt great all over... abs, quads, glutes, and arms... very good workout... only five minutes and you feel everything!"
Adam L.
"The G sycle is great! It targeted my abs, glutes, thighs, and calves... it's a totally new experience!"
Monica S.
"Great workout, easy to use. I liked all the variations you can use to work different muscles groups!"

"It felt good. I worked muscles I haven't worked before. I like the machine. "

Sandra L.
"Tough workout. Felt the intensity on my thights and glutes. Also enjoyed that you chose how hard you want to work out."

Stacy R.
"I really liked it. It felt really good to feel it working. Like that you can feel it burn."

Shannon P.
"It felt good once I got the hang of the motion. I could really feel the burn in my calves, quads + glutes. I could also feel it in my core."

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