Meet the Team
Peter Rabadi
Peter Rabadi, President of Operations
To be healthy is the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: freedom from physical disease or pain. That's been a lifelong agenda of mine as an avid outdoorsman. Our mission here at Fitnessbotics is to create apparatus that is uniquely innovative, but functional. We design and manufacture high quality equipment that is suitable for all age groups. Our pieces provide both a solid workout and an educational view. For example, our G sycle is a Lateral Aerobic Training machine that works its user in a different plane of the body than that of your typical treadmill or elliptical, requiring the client to remain completely focused during their workout. We also take great pride in customer service and I am personally looking forward to serving the fitness industry. Contact us for more information on our products and services.

Tracy Fisher, Vice President of Marketing and Operations
"Hi I'm Tracy Fisher, Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Fitnessbotics. I have been working successfully in the fitness industry for over 10 years, implementing a wide range of fitness programs to help ensure member satisfaction. In working closely with the G sycle, I am completely confident in its ability to perform at a level which will exceed the expectations of the industry standards. The gyms that have experienced the G sycle have already benefited from its unique and quality design. Not only have members benefitted from the G sycle, but the club owners have seen increases in new membership sales along with member retention. I encourage everyone who has not had an opportunity to test the G sycle to contact us. We are fully committed to our customers' complete satisfaction."

John Chavez, Director of Sales
Over 20 years experience in both the Fitness & Coaching Industries. Coaching Football (High School & Junior College) 1974-1985. Joining the Fitness Industry with Pacific Fitness, Corp. in 1986 as Sales Manager. Worked also with BodyGuard Fitness, Task Industries, (Tuff Stuff) as National Sales Manager, then with Impex, Inc. as Product Director Vice-President.

My mission with FitnessBotics is to establish a new category in the fitness industry. Lateral Aerobic Exercise Machines. Long overdue.

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