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what is the Gsycle?
The G sycle is a unique heavy duty skating machine with dependent style pedals that provides each user with a seamless lateral motion during their workout.
First ever machine-guided cyclical motion
Designed for durability
User friendly
Pedals never bottom out
Continuous motion
Built with eleven gage steel tubes
Applied ball bearings on all joints
Bright LED screen
5 programs with 20 levels of resistance
Ability to change programs on the go
Synthetic rubber pedals
why the Gsycle?
“I have been in the fitness world for the past 30 years and consider this the best-engineered piece of equipment I have ever trained on. The G sycle is well built, resulting in an extremely quiet machine with exceptionally smooth movement. The electronics are superb; the workout programming is intuitive and easy to use and the display screen is large so the readability is excellent.”
- Ralph Hoetger, MS, Exercise Physiologist

G sycle is patented in the United States and other major markets around the world.
watch the Gsycle in action